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Andrea has tutored our two children (yr 6 and yr 3) for over a year now.  We have found Andrea to be an excellent and reliable tutor.  She makes the sessions engaging and interesting.  My son in year 6 has particularly developed in his mathematics confidence and competence with Andrea's help and achieved so much at school. I very highly recommend Andrea as a tutor.

Matthew and Sonia - October 2023

Andrea is an excellent tutor who I highly recommend. Andrea has tutored my son, who is 10 years old, on a weekly basis to help him with his English spelling and grammar. Her lessons are tailored exactly to my son's needs and I have seen a steady improvement. Andrea kindly takes the time after the lesson to inform me what was covered which I find helpful. Andrea is always calm, kind and professional and always arrives on the days/times agreed. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any child needing extra support or any child wanting to excel.

Amelia - October 2023

Our son is really enjoying his sessions. We had tried using some in-person tutors but were let down (logistics, quality of tutor etc). The sessions with Andrea are proving to be just what we should have been doing all along. She is friendly, organised, flexible and the content is varied and suitably stretching.

James - January 2023

Andrea was a great help to my eldest son, focusing on topics in English and Maths that he was really struggling with at school. His confidence improved massively, meaning he was much happier at school. He went on to do very well in his SATs and moved onto secondary school with great confidence. Andrea now helps my youngest with extra maths tuition. The lessons are always fun and engaging. I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone who would like to give their children some extra help. 

Cat - September 2022


Andrea has made the biggest difference to my daughter's confidence with her Maths, teaching her weekly over a three and half year period. Before having Andrea, Maths homework was a fight to the point where it wouldn't get done because my daughter found it so difficult. My daughter's difficulties with Maths were also reflected in her school reports. With Andrea's help and gentle guidance, my daughter has developed the confidence and ability to complete her Maths homework by herself without any issues and her teachers have reported back how improved her knowledge is. We are so pleased with her progress that we now have Andrea helping our Son who is in Year 6 prepare of his upcoming SATs.

Kyja - September 2022

Thank you Andrea. You’re an amazing teacher. I appreciate all your hard work with my daughter.

Chin - June 2022

Andrea tutored our son online each morning for a week at very short notice. He really enjoyed the lessons. They were varied, challenging and well planned. I feel they developed a real rapport and would highly recommend.

Rachael - September 2020


My daughter's confidence in her maths ability in year 4 was low. She started weekly maths tutorials with Andrea and very quickly her confidence increased and she realised there was much she could do. Andrea really made a difference. Moving into year 5, my daughter was much more positive. This year Andrea has also been helping my son prepare for his year 6 SAT papers. Andrea's experience and patience is really helping him.

Sarah, Wantage - March 2020

We were recommended Andrea by another member of our family who said she had been brilliant with her child. Working with our now 10 year old, the increase in confidence we have seen in our daughter has been great and this has been noticed by her school teacher as well.  

Andrea has been great at picking up on our daughter's needs and can really focus on the areas that have proved to be a little more testing. I would certainly recommend Andrea to any other parents, looking for that little extra help.

Ashley, Wantage - March 2020

Andrea has been tutoring my son for a couple of years now and is doing an amazing job with him.  My son has dyslexia (mainly struggling with reading and especially spelling) and is currently in Year 5.  Andrea does a fantastic job with him each week and really adapts each session to his interests and needs.  She has been brilliant at recommending reading material and resources to help keep him interested whilst learning at the same time.  Andrea's work compliments and interacts well with his school work and is an invaluable part of my son's learning.  I would highly recommend Andrea as a tutor to anyone looking for extra support.

Karen, East Challow - February 2020

Andrea has been tutoring our son who is currently in Year 6 for some time now and we have been delighted with his progress.

Andrea is very professional, organised and tailors the tutor sessions to the individual. 

Concentrating on literacy, Andrea quickly recognised key areas to work on to improve our son's confidence and this has been reflected in his recent SPAG scores that have increased significantly since Andrea has been tutoring him. Last week he was able to go into the SATs exams so much more confident and even commented that, “I remembered what Mrs Sharp told me and it really helped in the English grammar exam!”

Andrea has recommended books and reading material for my son and has given me some great hints and tips that has allowed me to support my son outside of the tutor sessions. I appreciate the feedback that she gives me after each session and the chance to ask questions.

I would highly recommend Andrea to anyone who was looking for a tutor.

Lisa, Wantage - May, 2019


Andrea is doing amazing work with my daughter

Toni, Wantage - March, 2019

Andrea has been my son's tutor since year 5 and he is now in year 6, headed towards his SATS. Ben has always struggled with literacy and having Andrea to help him has been brilliant.

She is patient, friendly and really understands where Ben needs an extra bit of guidance in his work. 

Ben was really not keen to start any extra work outside of school but Andrea always makes her teaching fun and interesting and he actually comes away feeling a sense of achievement after having had a lesson with Andrea. I can't recommend her enough.

Jackie, Wantage - November, 2018

Andrea has just started working with our 7 year old. I’m delighted with Andrea's enthusiasm and her ideas to keep my daughter's attention. I would definitely recommend her.

Louise, East Hanney - September, 2018

Andrea quickly identified significant gaps in what our son needed to know for his SATS. She not only worked with him to cover the missing areas, she also advised us on what we should be working on with him between his tutoring sessions.

Andrea is extremely hard-working and with her huge wealth of teaching experience, calm demeanour and professionalism, is getting tremendous results. We have been so impressed with Andrea that we are going to start her tutoring  for our younger daughter too!

Anna, Chilton - March 2018

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